Sangram Singh: Being in the entertainment industry has helped

  • Media India Times
  • Date July 14, 2015

Wrestler and entertainer Sangram Singh, who visited the Ahmedabad Times office recently, was at his wittiest best while talking about his experience in the entertainment industry. But the man is much more than just an entertainer and a sports star. He is a motivator who plans to promote good health and sports and hopes that the youth of India will wake up to the benefits of being ‘in touch with all things natural’ and gear up to live a healthier life. Excerpts from a chat:
You seem to be taking the role of both an entertainer and a sport sperson pretty well. Does it all come naturally to you?

I think the Almighty is doing it all for me. I never thought that I will do all these reality shows and movies. But it has kind of helped my ultimate cause, which is to support and promote sports. Being in the entertainment industry helps me get more popularity and more people know me. So when I am out there doing good work, there is far more recognition and it helps in getting more eyeballs. Television and movies have a wide audience and once you are in them, more people know you and it makes your work easier. Also, the entertainment industry is less hard work and more money. So I enjoy doing it for that reason as well.

You come from a very different background. So is it not difficult to adjust to the entertainment world?

(Laughs) Ghaas nahi, chashma green hona chahiye, fir sab achcha hi dikhega. I think every person is a good human; you just have to see it in them. And if you are a good person then everybody is good to you. So adjusting has never been a problem for me.

How do you think country’s youth can keep healthy?

I think we should keep in touch with all things natural. I see youngsters going to the gym and taking supplements. But that is not a good practice. Instead, you should do natural exercising and refrain from anything synthetic. I have always followed a natural diet and healthy living and I have done well in my profession. The youth should not get swayed away with this craze for gym made physique; rather they should try to stay fit and healthy, which will take them a long way in life.

You have struggled a lot to get where you are right now. How much do you think struggling in life is important?

It is very important to struggle in life. Unless you strive and work hard for what you want to achieve, you will never value for what you have in life. Today’s youngsters get a lot of things easily and probably that’s why there is a lack of sincerity. But working towards your goal and achieving it through your hard work has a sweet feeling nothing can match.