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Four Ways To Maximize Physical Energy – Sangram Singh
Four Ways To Maximize Physical Energy

Four Ways To Maximize Physical Energy

First, focus on quality sleep not the quantity of sleep.

Yes, ideally you should get eight hours of sleep but for most of us, that isn’t just realistic. But you can improve your deep sleep, which is the sleep cycle that is most restorative. You are likely waking up many times throughout the night without realizing it. Think of your bedroom as a sleep sanctuary. What can you do to make sure the temperature is just right, and that it’s as dark and quiet as possible? Room darkening blinds are ideal, but a good sleep mask can do the trick, too.

Second, drink a lot of water

When you wake up you are already about 1% dehydrated, and most of us never fully hydrate. Studies show that even mild dehydration leads to loss of focus, decision making, creativity and yes, energy. You’d be surprised at how much water you need to keep your mind at its best. Remember the phrase, “half your hydration.” This means you should take your body weight (in pounds) and divide it in half, and that’s the number of ounces of water you should take in each day.

Three, don’t skip meals

Your new mantra: Food is fuel! There is probably nothing more controversial in the health and fitness world than what and when to eat. High protein diets, vegan diets, bulletproof coffee for ketosis, fasting days, so many options! For myself, if you want to optimize for motivation and energy (not rapid weight loss) consume five small slow-carb meals a day. I used to skip breakfast thinking I was saving time and calories, then binge lunch of a sandwich or slice of pizza, and wolf down a big dinner of whatever.

Fourth, daily exercise. Don’t panic, just move! You don’t have to become a hardcore Crossfit’er (although kudos if you are). You don’t have to spend an hour a day in a gym (although that would be awesome). You just need to move in a way that gets your heartbeat way up for twenty minutes a day. For most people, a vigorous walk around the neighborhood or on the treadmill each morning does the trick. A yoga session or after work pickup basketball game is great. This isn’t for long-term health benefits, although there are. You are moving for 20-minutes a day for same-day energy and clarity. Research is clear, 20-minutes of cardiovascular activity increases blood flow to the brain and gives you an immediate boost of energy, clarity, focus, and creativity.

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