Wrestler, entertainer & motivational speaker Sangram U Singh (Sangram Singh) is a real-life hero, whose journey started from being an arthritis patient to becoming an internationally acclaimed wrestler. Sangram has brought several laurels to the Nation on various international fora. Being a well-known sports & entertainment personality, he has used his position for the benefit and betterment of society by taking up various social initiatives.

Sangram U Singh started his life breaking many challenges stereotypes and continues to do so. He was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was confined to his bed for the first 8 years of his life. Sangram fought the disease through yoga and naturopathy backed by mother’s unstinted care and his own steely resolve. The frame of his character was firmed up in the process and he went on to become the world’s best professional wrestler. The phase of initial struggle taught Sangram the real importance of living a healthy life and henceforth considering life as valuable gift he decided to dedicate his life in the service of mankind by leading as an example. More importantly the entire process made him humble and humane.

In rural Haryana there are many misconceptions regarding donating organs. There was a popular belief in many parts of rural Haryana that whosoever donates eyes he or she will be born blind in the next birth. Going against this stereotype Sangram Singh donated all his organs. Following him and taking his action as an inspiration and living example many youth from the state donated their organs.

Philanthropy gradually became the main calling in his life. Sangram was moved with the skewed sex ratio in the villages of the state of Haryana. From helping the poor and needy students from the rural India to helping out the girl child to aim for the best goals in life in the poor sex ratio districts of Haryana, from helping the struggling sportsperson fighting against poverty and deprivation to motivating the younger generation to strive for excellence Sangram actively indulged in all these endeavor.

Sangram has always been in the forefront for the public cause. In the recent months, Sangram has been active in working for the cause of Pulwama martyrs families. The best of Sangram Singh in the field of philanthropy motivational speaker sports and entertainment has come out based on sound principles of life work hard practice what you preach sound ethical and moral character. While he was struggling for the basics in his life. He refused to do endorsement of cold drink or any other endorsements which are detrimental for the human health. He is of the firm opinion that how can he endorse such products which he himself do not use. And if he will do so for money his appeal to the youth to follow healthy lifestyles and robust practices will fall flat. Throughout his life he has emphasized on clean health and healthy living. In his interactions and training with the budding sportspersons he has always exhorted them to strive for sporting excellence without resorting to short cuts like using prohibited substance and supplements. This brings bad name to the society and the country and incalculable damage to the sports.

Sangram interspersed the art of wrestling with the strong social message. For instance he organised wrestling matches and competed in them to raise funds for the kids who are suffering and fighting against the cancer in their life. This manner of taking the leverage of the popularity of sports to provide direct relief to the affected target group has been emulated by many other Sportsperson of repute.

Sangram founded the KD Jadhav international Kushti championship to promote wrestling in tier two and tier three towns. Sangram started the veteran legends award to respect and recognize the seminal contribution of the former wrestlers and coaches across the country. He is a true mentor for the budding wrestlers and aggressively works for the building of the ecosystem for the holistic promotion of the sports having deep and ancient roots.

His inspirational life journey was featured by the discovery channel. He is invited to deliver his inspirational speeches having rustic touch and real life experiences from the institutions ranging from primary schools to the leading business schools of the country. After listening to his speeches and life journey an M.Tech gold medalist for instance fighting against the deadly disease is now leading a normal life.

Sangram Singh is a vegetarian and has supported many campaigns for the protection of animals. He is now the face of several campaigns for conservation of water a motivational and health guru for the youth. Using the power of digital media he promotes fitter India without using any equipment or supplements. His life achievements and his inspirational journey is not only the part of the rural folklore but is also part of the stories and school curriculum. Many schools In Haryana are running scholarships in his name providing the talented and needy students the best of the facilities in terms of academics and sports.

Sangram has been the brand ambassador for Wrestling Federation of India (2014-15), People for Animal (PFA) and International Human Rights Organization. He has also been a brand ambassador for the Delhi Olympic Association since 2015.