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About Sangram

Wrestler, entertainer & motivational speaker Sangram U Singh (Sangram Singh) is a real-life hero, whose journey started from being an arthritis patient to becoming an internationally acclaimed wrestler. Sangram has brought several laurels to the Nation on various international fora. Being a well-known sports & entertainment personality, he has used his position for the benefit and betterment of society by taking up various social initiatives.

  • Wrestler
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Philanthrophist

What does Sangram Singh do?

Int'l Wrestler

The frame of his character was firmed up in the process and he went on to become the world’s best professional wrestler.

Motivational Speaker

He is invited to deliver his inspirational speeches having rustic touch and real life experiences from the institutions ranging from primary schools to the leading business schools of the country.


The best has come out based on sound principles of life work hard practice what you preach sound ethical and moral character. While he was struggling for the basics in his life.