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Wrestler, entertainer & motivational speaker Sangram U Singh (Sangram Singh) is a real-life hero, whose journey started from being an arthritis patient to becoming an internationally acclaimed wrestler. Sangram has brought several laurels to the Nation on various international fora. Being a well-known sports & entertainment personality, he has used his position for the benefit and betterment of society by taking up various social initiatives.


Sangram was born in a small village of district Rohtak in Haryana. He comes from a humble background and was born physically weaker than other normal children. During his early childhood, he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that created major health issues. He spent close to 8 years on a wheelchair, as his hands and legs had stopped working. His journey from a wheelchair-bound patient to a successful athlete has been quite remarkable.

Many books have incorporated chapters on his life to motivate the school children. It is noteworthy that his life story got prominently featured in Hrithik Roshan show at Discovery Channel. Hrithik praised the Sangram’s inspirational journey in the show, which served to motivate youth & the future of tomorrow. Sangram’s inspirational life has also made it to the seventh standard Hindi textbook.

Sangram has been the brand ambassador for Wrestling Federation of India (2014-15), People for Animal (PFA) and International Human Rights Organization. He has also been a brand ambassador for the Delhi Olympic Association since 2015.

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