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Sangram Singh Motivation

Friends, If there is any pressure in our mind about some work, we will complete that work or else, we will feel laziness in completing that work. To make you still more clear, For example, if you want to complete your exam in time, but you feel so much lazy in completing it, but on the day of the exam, you will complete it within an hour, it’s because of the pressure behind your mind. The two main reason behind our laziness ,


When you need you will do it or else you wouldn’t do it at all, it’s normal human psychology. For example, if you want to go to the gym for a workout, you won’t go, but if any dog tries to catch you, you will run like anything. This is the difference, with & without the pressure. if you think to do it, definitely you will complete that work and you feel relaxed. It’s not our mistake being lazy, it’s because, since our childhood, our parents make us complete our work if there is a need or else they will keep us free from the work.

To say it directly, if your friend or spouse calls you when you’re alone in your home, you won’t waste a second to attend the call, because of the pressure and pleasure of happiness in your mind. Replace your friend with your passion and work towards it, once you lose your opportunity to cherish your passion, you will not get it back. Hence, try your best, when you want your goals to be successful, you will leave your laziness, if you don’t do that, then you are just fooling yourself that you’re working towards your goal.


All social media platforms are designed, based on one purpose only that is to spend all our valuable time online. In this modern era, machines have become smart and the humans are now super lazy, so decide a limit while using your electronic gadgets in the morning, because the day starts with wasting time, you will never get any time for working towards your own passion. You may think that all famous personalities are being super active in social media, The persons with hardworking nature never care about social media, because they will find their way to success,

In our society, everyone thinks about this one question definitely in their lifetime, how the farmer son became a doctor? To say it in a genuine manner, the reason behind the success of every farmer son is hardworking nature without any fuss in their mind. Start tuning your mind to work towards your passion & have a limit in using your gadgets and make a routine of this habit. Many lower background people come up because they first believe in themselves rather than doubting others. If you don’t respond to yourself, whom you think will respond to you, so start following what you really want? If there is talent without hard work, it will never work off, but with hard work you can follow your passion, it really works. THE WORLD IS FULL OF WILLING PEOPLE, SOME OF THEM ARE WILLING TO WORK AND OTHERS ARE JUST WILLING TO LET THEM.

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