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Never Give Up Sangram Singh

There is nothing more beautiful than feeling like you are on the right path. I don’t mean when you know the best strategy or which step to take next. That is a wonderful feeling too, but it is nothing compared to when your true self and passion are being honored like never before. I’m talking about the path on which you feel clear, peaceful, happy and determined.
The feeling of living in alignment with your own values in pursuit of your dreams is quite powerful and uplifting. You feel like everything is possible because of your passion is driving you and seemingly nothing can get in your way.
It’s in one of these moments of alignment and clarity when we can often make great strides toward our own fulfillment: finishing the first chapter of our favorite novel, signing up for workout classes, making a profile on tinder, whatever it is that calls us with the unmistakable pull of creation and joy. These moments are the the easy ones, and the ones we think will last forever.
But that is the thing about life—there is rno such thing as “forever.” Our existence is full of regular change, and just when we get used to being a certain age , transition comes and we have to start getting used to something new all over again.
So the truth is that when you start taking few steps in the direction of your dreams, or discover a passion for something and start to explore it, the initial zeal and burst of energy you feel will eventually go away. You will hit moments when it doesn’t sound fun to keep playing the guitar or reaching out to publishers who have rejected you over and again.
You will always hit moments when the thing you love becomes the thing you want to avoid. “Why?” you ask. The reasons are as plentiful and diverse just like there are people to experience them. Even though change is inevitable, we don’t want to change at all. It could be due to fear of failure, a fear of success, or a fear of the unknown. It might be due to the fact that we listen to our inner critic and believe in our unworthiness or incapability.
The main point is that when those moments come, and you feel like the path you are on is full of hurdles, challenges, and stress, Always remember what you are fighting for. Remember the bliss, and the goal that you have set out for yourself. Remember the magic and the intoxication, because somewhere deep down inside you there is something which is aching to come forth and to be created or lived.
Never give up on your happiness, fulfillment, passion, or success as you define it. As long as you keep taking steps on the path that most honors you, you will find new ways to be delighted and to make your passion come alive again, because the best part regarding the constant change is that the low parts won’t stay forever either. Sometimes you just have to wait for it to see what awaits you on the other side

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