How to Achieve your Life Goals?

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You may have started setting your goals —and perhaps you’ve even begun the journey. Somewhere between the alluring summit and your present progress, you might be experiencing zigzags and hurdles which you never predicted. Your motivation begins to dwindle. Your dreams seem less enticing. You not only doubt your goals but also your own ability to reach them. A downward spiral has begun

Following are the practices to the rescue! , they will help you ground yourself, and make the journey enjoyable

Practice Self-Compassion

Our tendency for social comparison and pursuit of perfection can make our goals look like a mirage. The fear of failure looms in our minds, sabotaging our motivation to move forward. Only by Placing your hand on your chest and reassuring yourself with some kind words can go a long way towards grounding you at the moment and stopping the inner critic on its tracks.

Reach Out to Others

Studies have shown time and again the strength of our social support is one of the greatest sources of resilience, success, and happiness which we have. When we begin to lose sight from our goals, having a trusted “other” to guide us of those goals gives us the strength to come back in the game.

Rethink Your Roadblocks

Humans are all wired to spot the negative, some of us even more so than others. When the going gets tough, do you begin to doubt your own skills and allow the roadblocks to come before you? This is the time to think about your explanatory style – your way of explaining the roadblocks in your life. If your explanation for your setback is that you are the problem, nothing seems to work and there is no chance that it will ever get better, then it is time for a rethink.

Break Down Goals

Our motivations and goals are highly dependent on the dopamine system. Whenever we take on a goal, we have an urge to pump ourselves with dopamine. Reassuring ourselves that we will feel rewarded at the end is like driving with no fuel. Luckily, even physically ticking off the task we set out to complete gives us enough surge to make us want to continue our pursuit. Don’t make your tasks so monumental that you have to go a long way before feeling rewarded. Break your goals down, do whatever you feel like it or not, and just keep rewarding yourself.

Laugh out Loud

Laughing out loud releases stress hormones and balances our physiological and psychological states. It shows us the insignificance of things and separates us from the fear of failure that immobilizes us. Rick Snyder used to say “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you have missed the biggest joke of all”.

Here’s a motivating thought. We all have it within us to find the determination for our goal. Think of how you learned to walk as a toddler. Neither deterred by failure, nor swayed by challenge, you to stay in the moment, your singular focus on the task. No beating on yourself for any bumps and falls, no expectations of yourself for the perfect stride. Consider that your a goal in the distance, Keep an infectious smile that garnered support and the relentless urge to get there, one baby step at a time.

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